Let’s Celebrate: Holiday Picture Book Season is Here!

There are so many things to love about the holiday season: time spent with family and friends, finding that perfect gift, making those special goodies… but for me, one of the best treats of all is digging out all of the fabulous holiday picture books – both new and old!

Here are some to share this holiday season!

(PCCL does not own all of these books and some may even be out of print — so, remember if there are favorites in your house, be sure to buy a copy while it’s still available so that you can share it  for many holidays to come!)

willy-may-christmas-story-judy-schachner-hardcover-cover-artAunt May and her canary Willy have never missed spending the holidays with May’s niece, but this year the weather may keep them from their plans…. or will a special someone make everyone’s holiday dreams come true?



Turkey has managed to survive Thanksgiving, and now it looks like he may be on the Christmas menu! He decides his only hope is to take his worries all the way to the top – straight to the North Pole!


Truffle the mouse is in a quandary – he knows he should ask for the practical gift, but he SO wants the fun gift instead! He asks for one and then changes his mind – so he decides to wait outside in the snow to let Santa know before he makes his gift deliveries to the mouse house – but will Santa see a tiny mouse hidden in the snow?


Maria loves the tradition of making homemade tamales with her family for the holidays. Everyone is in such good spirits, she is even allowed to try on her mother’s beautiful wedding ring. But later, the ring turns up missing………


Best friends Toot & Puddle could not be more different. Toot is off exploring the world, while Puddle stays home getting ready for the holidays. All of Toot’s postcards promise he’ll be home for Christmas, but will he make it in time?

tree of cranes

A young Japanese boy has trouble understanding his mother’s work to put candles and paper cranes on one of their trees – until she shares the stories of Christmas form when she grew up in California as a small child.


The Stick Man just wants to celebrate the holidays with his stick family, but a rowdy dog snatches him up and runs away. Soon he is too far from home to ever make it back on his own – but perhaps a favor for a stranger could turn things around?

spinelli together

Ten little mice huddle together in the snow. One by one, they seek out separate spots to stay warm, but soon realize that being warm and lonely for one another at Christmas doesn’t feel quite right after all….


Santa’s favorite cat tumbles from his sleigh into the hustle and bustle of New York City’s holiday season. Snow cat wanders through the city searching for Santa – but it will take the North Wind and the Lemon Moon to spot him.


Crazy new lyrics for familiar holiday songs and David Catrow’s hilarious illustrations make this a fun, irreverent look at the holidays. Sing along and sing aloud if you can stop laughing long enough!


A fun holiday book back in print again! When the Snitcher steals into town and steals all of the sprinkles no holiday cookies can be baked or shared! It’s up to one young boy to track down the Snitcher and teach him to share…


Evil brat Bradley  has it in for Santa, because Santa knows he is not a good soul and never leaves him anything but socks! So Brad’s got truly horrible plans to trap Santa when he comes to deliver the presents this year. Who will win the battle??


Just how DID Santa get his job? This is a fun look at all the different jobs Santa tried (all of them  have an element of foreshadowing)  until discovering the one job he was absolutely perfect for!


When Santa’s sleigh breaks down in Firefly Wood, it’s up to Russell the Sheep to come up with a way to save Christmas!


The classic book is the tale of a young boy whisked onto the Polar Express bound for the North Pole and a chance to see Santa take off on his Christmas Eve adventures. Despite the popularity of the movie, do yourself a favor and share this exquisitely illustrated original with your family this holiday season. It all started here between these covers.


Mr Putter and Tabby are two of my favorite characters. When they decide to bake a cake as a gift for their  friend and neighbor Mrs. Teaberry and her dog Zeke, all sorts of calamities ensue! A warm and funny story of friendship and giving.


Little Robin has a collection of seven lovely warm vests to wear during the week leading up to Christmas. But as he goes about the woods, he meets others who are mush more in need of warmth than he and on Christmas Day, finds himself shivering and vestless. But someone has noticed his kind-hearted giving and has a gift of their own….


What if Santa’s own son was on the naughty list? And what if felt that Santa’s no-toys-for-bad-boys policy was unfair? Well he might just gather all the kids on the naughty list to plead their case with Santa himself – but will that work???


Peef is a special little stuffed bear that was made for some little girl or boy, but Santa likes him so much, he just hangs on to him for himself. Will Peef always be Santa’s bear? Or does someone else need the little bear more??


Joe asks Santa for a real live penguin named Osbert for Christmas and on Christmas morning – there he is under the tree! Joe is over the moon with joy – until the real work of caring properly for a penguin from Antarctica begins to sink in…..


Only the most beautiful tree will do for wealthy Mr. Willowby, but the one that arrives is just a bit too tall. But when the excess bit of tree is thrown out in the snow, it catches the eye of someone else….


Julie Vivas is instantly recognizable for her unique style of illustration. Her talents shine in other great books like I Went Walking and Sleepy Pendoodle and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. With this rendition of the Nativity, she’s created another memorable picture book.


Morris isn’t too crazy about the teddy he receives, but he finds all sorts of delight in something someone left behind….


Max is determined to stay up to see Santa and Ruby is determined that he will do no such thing. Who wins?


Mary Engelbreit provides a colorful rendition of the traditional poem in this splendid picture book!


What would it take to list EVERYTHING you ever wanted for Christmas on your list for Santa?


There are many picture book versions of this lovely e.e.cummings Christmas poem about a little tree and the siblings who claim it for their holiday, but I am especially fond of this one with marvelous illustrations by Chris Raschka.


Llama Llama is very excited about Christmas, but all of the preparations and work leading up to the big event cause him to have a little holiday meltdown. Good thing Mama Llama is right there to make things better….


Seuss. Grinch. Whoville. No Christmas is complete until this ORIGINAL classic book is shared.  (Sorry Jim Carrey, but you cannot hold a candle to the genius of the original…)


When the King finds the most beautiful, soft, red cloth he has it made into a gorgeous cloak for his daughter’s Christmas gift. The scraps get placed on the back steps for the rag man, but someone gets to them first and decides to………


Wally and Carrie Koala get into a big brother-sister squabble over who will decorate their tree for Christmas and end up breaking the ornaments! Can their friend Piper the Lorikeet help them find a way to save the holiday?


Hilarity ensues when Harriet and George make a pact to avoid Mrs. Whosit and her ever-present fruitcake for the whole holiday season. But just as they think they’re home free, Harriet’s little brother is offered a treat – will it be the dreaded fruitcake??


When the Gingerbread Pirates discover they’ve been left by their makers as a snack for a cannibal named Santa Claus, they decide to take matters into their own hands (and peg-legs!) Silly fun for everyone!


Crispin has everything and more but values nothing. So one Christmas, Santa leaves him nothing but an enormous empty box. But the box turns out to be full of something Crispin has never had…….


Lovely little book about all of the quiet moments that surround us during the holidays. Perfect for one on one sharing and stories about your own quiet times. (Be prepared to be enchanted by the ice skating owl…..)


When a houseful of poor little pigs are bemoaning the fact that they can’t have a real Christmas without the money to buy all sorts of fancy things, the Angel Pig appears and shows them how to look for and celebrate the true magic of the holidays!


When a small cricket creeps into a holiday ready home to escape the dark and cold, he feels small and unworthy of such a grand hiding place as the lovely shining tree. But he soon discovers he, too, has a gift to share.


A crocodile is delivered as a Christmas gift and proceeds to munch on nearly everything and even several somebodies! Can this present truly have been delivered to the right house? Can the mystery be solved while at least one other present remains?

christmas magic

Michael Garland has done many lovely holiday books, but this is my favorite. The story of two children’s snowpeople coming to life under the light of the moon is most assuredly a book filled with Christmas magic.


Santa has dropped his book of all the names and gifts at Edward’s house making it impossible to finish delivering the toys! When Edward gets it back to him safely, Santa invites Edward to ride along – but when Santa loses his glasses out over the ocean, can very new reader Edward take over the job of checking the book to save the day again?


Bear is usually asleep at Christmas, but his friends really want to share the magic of the season with him. So they keep him busy helping with all the preparations and are able to show Bear just what Christmas is really about!


My all-time favorite Christmas book, this is the tale of a man whose desire to decorate his house and yard for the holidays in the biggest  way anyone has ever decorated in the history of the world ends in mayhem, a little wisdom, and happily, no loss of the ability to dream big. Possibly a bit intense for the littlest tyke, but a crazy, over the top take on what the true meaning of celebrating the holidays is that I have loved since the very first time I read it. (And yes, it is written by that David Shannon..)

Happy holidays and happy holiday picture books to all!

And hey, now it’s your turn to let me know what your favorite picture books are for holiday sharing!


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