ALA Awards Announced


It’s always interesting to see what books make the awards lists at the annual Mid-Winter meeting of the American Library Association.  Back in the day, it was all about the Newbery and the Caldecott. Now there are twenty different awards on the docket, from those honoring non-fiction excellence to those honoring the best book for young people translated from a foreign language. Quite a testament to the variety and diversity of the written word!

I am always taken by surprise when going over the lists. I am happy when I discover that I have already gotten all of the winners and honor books in a category (Newbery!) and shocked when I have never even heard of the winner in a category (Printz!). I also love seeing the Sibert Award in the mix, as I knew the amazing Sibert family in my tenure at a former library and like seeing their name up in lights for their long-time support of books and libraries.

Unlike the Academy Awards, or the Grammys, or the Golden Globes, no one ever knows what books are being considered for the ALA Youth Media awards. It is known only to the lucky few who are asked to serve on the various selection committees. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate in sweet agony? Being asked to read tons of incredible books and choosing so few to highlight? (And not talking to anyone during the process!!!)

Want to have a look at the books and media who got the nod this year? Here’s the link to the big list of all the award categories with descriptions and history of each one – enjoy!



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